Is Tesla Stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) a buy? If  you have this question at earlier of 2020 and bought Tesla stock  then, your wealth have been hugely increased during passed 2020 because Tesla stock surged around 800% in 2020 and hit about $800 per share. Lets see Tesla stock price in 2020.

Tesla Stock 2020 Price Chart to See Investment Opportunity

I think Tesla stock has been affected by Covid-19, but I really don’t know if it’s a good or bad impact. Any way, Tesla stock has surged during in 2020 and we can analyze Tesla stock price by followed aspects:

  1. EV is the trend all over the world.
  2. Tesla is still the leading EV automaker in 2020? Although China’s EV automakers BYD, NIO, XPeng Auto, Li Auto etcs  are doing good, but they are not Tesla’s biggest competitors and we even can say Tesla no real comeptitors in 2020.

Is Tesla stock a buy in 2021?

Before we buy Tesla stock, we have to know if it still have big rising potential in 2021? The same we can analyze Tesla stock trending by followed aspects:

  1. Is EV still the trend all over the world? Definitely, it still is.
  2. Is Tesla still the leading EV automakers in the world? Apple Inc. will launch their Apple car in 2021, and I believe Apple car will be outstanding. Tomorrow will be 5G times and every thing maybe connected and EV will be a amazing application, and I believe Apple’s IOS will make it totally difference.



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