For investors, it’s the luckiest thing to find the most valueable stocks. But it’s really hard to define the highest value stocks in China, even in the world. But we can easily tell the highest price stock in China in 2020, it definitely will be Kweichou Moutai 600519, which Moutai’s stock price is CNY1873 per share, around US$288/share.

600519 Kweichou Moutai Price in second half 2020

What’s Kweichou Moutai?

Kweichou Moutai is a liquor company, and Moutai is the most famous liquor brand in China. Moutai’s price totally bases on long & deep Chinese liquor (Baijiu) culture.

Kweichou Moutai Liquor

And I really can’t tell all stories about Moutai, after all Kweichou Moutai company’s value is CNY2352.9B, which is about US$362billion. But nobody knows how high Moutai’s price will hit, because Moutai’s profit is really high, which Moutai’s classic liquor is $400/bottle(500ml).


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