WordPress VS Drupal , which CMS I should use? First of all, I have to say WordPress and Drupal both are the top excellent CMS in the world currently! Anyone you choose both are right choice but you do need to choose one according to your requirement and situation.

WordPress VS Drupal Comparison Chart

WordPress VS Drupal, Which CMS I Should Use?

WordPress vs Drupal Comparison Opinion from Internet

The debate between WordPress and Drupal isn’t much of one when it comes to the majority of webmasters. Most will choose WordPress because it’s so easy to use and so popular. There are still many webmasters and blogger that have never even heard of Drupal. However, Drupal still has its place in the market, although very small.

Out of the top one million websites using a content management system of some sort, over 14% use WordPress and only 1.3% use Drupal. This makes a big difference for WordPress users, which is vital to the success of a new website or blog. The difference comes in the way of the community built around WordPress compared to Drupal. If you can’t figure out how to use something in WordPress, you can find plenty of free tutorials to help you figure it out. This isn’t the case with Drupal because the community is so much smaller.

Those with experience in the world of content management systems know the massive benefits of WordPress compared to Drupal. When looking at Drupal vs. WordPress, it’s easy for experienced web developers to see why WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. However, for those without much experience, it’s important to show the proof and help you choose the right CMS for your website/blog.

WordPress or Drupal, You should ask yourself some questions

I think the most people who visit this page is the beginner of WordPress or Drupal and you just want to do right choice, because I ever did this before.  As what I said above, anyone is a good right but you just need to choose one which suit you. I advise you to see What is WordPress? and What is Drupal? first. Before you make final decision, you also should ask yourself some questions.

What you want to do use the CMS?

Yes, you want to do a website. There are many kinds of websites, do you need one simple functions but content priority website or complicated functions website and often change the structures website?

What skills do you have to manage the CMS?

It means do you want to hire professional developers to develop the website or just develop the website by yourself? If so, how much money do you want to pay for hiring professionals and how much time you want to pay for development by yourself?

Do you want to development the CMS as a career?

There are many people want to learn WordPress or Drupal to make websites or make website design or make website development, yes, that’s a good idea, but we also need to know where is the market.

WordPress vs Drupal,  Web Dux’s Opinion

I like to make websites and love WordPress and Drupal etc. CMS tools, which can help us do something more easily.

In fact, I know and use WordPress more than 6 years before, which is known as blog platform. But I need one CMS to make perfect website to make more money. I don’t need one blog, in fact, I was wrong.

I know and use Drupal about than 4 year before and I ever tried to make some websites by Drupal. I put too much attention to learning Drupal but I have not maken the perfect websites until now. It’s not Drupal problem because I am not professional Drupal programmer.

WordPress vs Drupal, the finial decision

If you want to choose one CMS from WordPress or Drupal to make company website and focus on content marketing and manage the website by yourself, I recommend you to choose WordPress, because there are plenty of WordPress themes in the market, such as you have too many choices from  Themeforest.net, no matter which industry you are in and the seller can install the website and theme for you only little payment. And the WordPress and WordPress plugins update is very easy, you just click the update click then the WordPress can do all for you. But you should make backup before update.

If you are big company and want to make complicated functions website, I advise you can visit Themeforest.net to see if there is right WordPress theme for you. If there is similar WordPress theme, you can choose WordPress or hire professional development company base on WordPress. After all these two CMS could meet most customers’ requirement.

If you are very big company or organization and often make structure changes, you should choose Drupal, but you also should choose one professional Drupal Development Company or Drupal Developers to help you manage the websites. Yes, you will pay much for that but you do need a reliable IT solution, don’t you?

If you want to choose WordPress or Drupal as a career, WordPress and Drupal both are good choice but you should know that although WordPress has many market but there are many competitors in the market also, after all WordPress is easier to use and manage. Drupal’s market is not big as WordPress but they often are big projects and meanwhile they also need more professional Drupal developers.

So WordPress or Drupal, it completely depends on your requirement.


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